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A Bit of Background

Native cultures of the Americas have long held traditions of respect for the earth and all her creatures.  Their cultural knowledge provides opportunities for all of us to learn to live in harmony with our world.

Founded in 1997, the AMB Foundation has sought to fund projects that support the economic empowerment, education, and cultural preservation of indigenous peoples of the Americas.  These projects directly benefit native communities and are carried out by a variety of nonprofit organizations. 


Our Mission

Making A Difference

The AMB Foundation is an organization dedicated to benefiting indigenous peoples of the Americas through supporting their health, education, and economic empowerment.  The Foundation is additionally dedicated to benefiting the environment and the arts.

Our current funding priority is supporting the health, education, and economic empowerment of indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Proposal Guidelines

Outline of the Grant application procedures.

Grant History

A summary of projects we have funded.


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