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Proposal Guidelines: Testimonials

Proposal Deadline

The AMB Foundation Board meets twice per year,  in the spring and fall.  The deadline for submission is June 1st to be considered at the Spring meeting and November 1st for the Fall Meeting.

Proposal Guidelines

The AMB Foundation is an organization dedicated to benefiting indigenous peoples of the Americas through supporting their health, education, and economic empowerment.  The Foundation is additionally dedicated to benefiting the environment and the arts.

Our current funding priority is supporting the health, education, and economic empowerment of indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Please submit one electronic copy of your proposal to our email address and one hard copy of your proposal to our PO Box address.  In an effort to reduce the amount of paper used, we request that you do not include substantial printed materials such as financial statements or annual reports.

Include the following elements:

  1. Summary of proposed project.

  2. Problem or need addressed by project, including a description of the indigenous people(s) who will benefit.  Please include an estimate of the number of people who will benefit as well.

  3. Description and qualifications of your organization.

  4. Project objectives and methods detailing what you plan to accomplish and how your plans will be carried out.

  5. Detailed budget including possible future funding needs.

  6. Description of how your organization will evaluate the effectiveness of your proposed project. 

Please note that the Directors of the AMB Foundation look for projects that provide the most direct benefit to Native and indigenous Americans.  Proposals for support of organizational operating expenses, administrative costs, university overhead or indirect costs, travel expenses (excepting those that are integral to a project’s execution), feasibility studies, meetings, or conferences are almost never funded.  

Proposal Guidelines: What We Do
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